Showcases various incidents BCFD has been called to over the years…

BCFD / DUI Task Force Exhibit 2019

The wrecked vehicle on display in front of BCFD Station 1 was acquired by and belongs to the Gallatin County DUI Task Force.  Their coordinator, Kelley Parker-Wathne, has been an active member of the Bridger Canyon Road Safety group founded by BCFD immediately after the major MVA double fatality incident in December 2018. The DUI Task Force had been trying to acquire a wrecked car for a considerable amount of time before they recently acquired this specific vehicle.  Due to Kelley’s involvement with our group, she made the vehicle available to BCFD first and we have worked diligently to assure it is utilized for maximum effect with the goal of reducing driving under the influence and its tragic effects.

Horseshoe Fire – September 2018

Grassy Mountain Fire – August 2017

Willow Creek Fire – June 2016

Dry Creek Fire – August 2016

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Structure Fire Incidents

Extension in the attic, heavy construction

EMS Air Transport – Fall 2018

Wildland Training – Spring 2019

Structure Fire Training

Vehicle Extrication Training – Pacific Steel

Hydrant Training – Ross Peak Ranch

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